For thousands of years man has been using copper for curing. Roman soldiers used it to overcome exhaustion and for curing infected wounds. According to the observations of our predecessors, objects made of copper (eg bracelets) that they wore on the surface of their skin, normalised blood pressure, strengthened walls of the capillaries and prevented the deposition of salt.
Relieving muscle and vein cramp, and shadowing the electro smog are the special attributes of the large-surfaced textile copper (aes angelus). Due to its very good ability of transferring heat and reflecting infrared radiation, it equalises the heat irregularities of the surface of the body. As a result, in the blocked parts of the body blood and lymph-circulation are enhanced, and the normal functioning in the body returns. Copper is an important and well-known trace element. Demanded quantity per day is 1-2 mg. It gets into our body via food and it can also be absorbed through the skin. During pregnancy and the ages of infancy, and at the older age it is especially important to maintain the proper level of copper, since copper-deficiency is a cause for several endemic diseases. Unfortunately in the last few decades copper has had a smaller and smaller role in everyday use (eg copper handle, copper pots), so it is important that they are replaced. Symptoms of copper deficiency are: anaemia, oedema, fragile bones, irritability and easily becoming exhausted.
Textile copper is a dry heat-therapy tool, which triggers strong effects. Its advantage is that it can be used for quite a long time and specifically on certain spots, without burdening the heart. It reflects most of the infrared radiation, so in case of acute inflammations or when the heat-therapy is not recommended, do not use it!
It can be used in movement-therapies, it helps to relax the painful joints. It is advantageous during the rehabilitation period after injuries and operations. Its use is very simple, it is a cheap help in medication-free and medication-poor therapies, in case of western and alternative cures.

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