Based on its bacterium, fungus and virus destroying attribute, silver has been used by medicine, natural and folk therapies for thousands of years. Despite the fact that in ancient times neither bacteria, nor viruses were known about, it was observed that when silver coins were put in a stone coffin, they were able to disinfect the water, which therefore did not go stale for a couple of days. It is still silver that is used in the most modern water purifiers.
A wonderful attribute of silver is already known today. If it touches with human skin, it is able to kill off fungi and bacteria that live on the surface of the skin, without causing toxic impact on us. Today the most well-known utilisation is clothes made of silver-plated strands. Their characteristic is that their inner lining that touches the skin is made of silver-plated strands. It can be beneficial to wear in case of ulcerous, slowly healing skin surfaces. Silver prevents the superinfection of wounds, enabling them to heal up more quickly. It also facilitates the healing of fungous, fragmented skin.

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