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      This forum is the open scope of the opinions and questions in connection with the acupuncture.

      The forum is moderated. Moderating means that the moderators have the right to delete some of the remarks. In the first place moderating is not destined for considering the values represented in the remarks, but for taking the tone of the remarks as a basis. Thus the moderators express their opinion regarding the remarks on the basis of determined basic principles /beforehand/ and not by reason of their value judgement. We took into consideration partly legal and partly ethical rules on setting the basic principles of moderating; the latters on the basis of Internet etiquette. It is forbidden to displease the other users' personal rights in your remarks. You are not allowed to insert remarks insulting the ethnic or racial minorities. In this forum every topic is moderated afterwards. Remarks published in this forum never reflect the opinion of the Konzunion-Acupuncture Online Limited Partnership. In the forums, advisory relationship does not come into existence between the speakers and the Konzunion-Acupuncture Online Limited Partnership. The remarks are never considered as expert opinions, for these contents the Konzunion-Acupuncture Online Limited Partnership does not take the responsibility. Remarks in this forum can be printed, downloaded or distributed only for personal use and they can be used exclusively with the written approval of the Konzunion-Acupuncture Online Limited Partnership. Remarks on the forums are possible to every user, who visits the web site and registers.

      Choose from the topics on the left side and get connected with our virtual discussion and the forum!

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      Kocsis Norbert