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Bioresonance apparatus

About bioresonance
Due to biophysical research those processes based on biophysical information transfer have already become known. These processes determine metabolism of cells and tissues directly, thus ensuring the everyday adjustment to the environment. Optimization of data transfer effectiveness led to a new, simple and painless health maintenance method.
Millions of patients per day are treated by this new type of electrotherapeutic method. By using the device the practitioner is able to intervene in the biological system at the deepest causal level known, that is, on the electromagnetic directing level of bioinformatics.
Resonance interactions are generated both mechanically (acoustically) and electromagnetically and usually used in the form of electrotherapy, magnetotherapy (appliance of pulsed magnetic field), and combined electromagnetic therapy. Patients do not feel directly the extremely low frequency signals which the device operates with. Only faint sensations (e.g. heat, tingle) generated by self-adjusting and adaptation processes of the organs might be observed.