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Our company is Hungary's biggest distributor of acupuncture tools and equipments. To extend our service and to provide global access to visitors all over the world, we have opened Acupuncture ONLINE, the premier website with online shopping, worldwide practitioner search and discussion forum services.

Online shopping

Order acupuncture tools and equipments online.In the online catalogue the products are categorized and illustrated with photos. Detailed description and technical parameters are provided to help the selection of the tools and equipments needed for medical treatment.

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dobozThe particular printable pricelist contining our every products.

Related sites

foldgombIn the followings we are presenting the links of websites concerning of healing and alternative therapy (holistic medicine), in order to complete your knowledge in this subject.

Doctor - alternative therapist database

Search the continuously growing database of acupuncturists, alternative therapists and therapeutic centers around world.

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For Practitioners If you are an alternative therapist curing with acupuncture or you are a representative of such organization and you would like to advertise in this unique database, please register here!

nagyitoLooking for a practitioner? If you are looking for a doctor or an alternative therapist, pleasestart your search here!

Discussion forum

The discussion forum serves as an open platform for questions, opinions and debates related to acupuncture and paramedics. You can find solutions, suggestions and answers to your questions and can participate in the process of building a collaborative community of people with common interest in acupunture and paramedics.

kaveIf you are registered in our doctor/alternative therapist database you can create a new topic here!

If you are visitor and would like to reply to one of the current themes, please visit the discussion forum and join our virtual debate!