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10. 2007-07-11 02:28:55

Do you have any distributors in Los Angeles, and do you hava any doctors you recommend here? Thank you!
9. 2007-03-29 09:10:01
I think the best unit what we trade:
Dens - Dual-range Electrical Neuro Adaptive Stimulator
The eligible payment credit card too.

8. 2007-03-16 01:54:44
Hi, I'm working with acupuncture for a few period and i am working with trigeer points therefore i want to know which of these equipments would be the best option to work with trigger points: Petra e-pulse acupuncture unit or Stim Plus II and in paralell: Petra soft laser SL-21 or Petra acupuncture search and soft laser unit AL-10?

Can i purchase by internet using credit card? Any additional transportation/duty fee?

Appreciate your soonest reply.
Valeria from Brazil
7. 2006-05-05 15:22:57
We can send this device all the word!
6. 2006-05-01 06:56:04
I hope to order a Petra SL 21 and would like to know if anyone in the USA has experience ordering and importing this device.
5. 2005-02-02 08:28:33
I'm an American living in Hawaii. Not sure how I feel about ordering things from Hungary. It would be good to say what type of mail you use and how long it takes to get there, and have testimonials from people in the US, if you want to get a lot of customers there.
4. 2004-08-01 03:23:10
tres bon site!
3. 2002-02-19 18:28:11
Hi, i live in los angelos and i am about to go to china town. i ran into a lady studying acupuncture, and she said that this product called margarit would help the acne around my cheeks. i am not sure how to really spell it it .
2. 2002-01-31 21:16:18
Congratulations! Your site is very nice, and useful!
1. 2001-10-30 10:30:53
Welcome on the homepage! Write your ideas, propositions about this site!