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Cupping jars

Bamboo cupping jars
Glass cupping jars set
Haci Delux magnetic cupping
Rubber cupping jars
Silicone rubber cupping jars
Vacuum glass cupping jars
Vacuum plastic cupping jars
Vacuum plastic cupping jars-17

Ancient therapy. One type of the physical treatments. For its action, the capillaries grow wider and hyperaemia occurs. During the treatment the inspissated blood from the capillaries, the aged, injured blood corpuscles are disappearing. With the use of it, the energy orbits become free. It is recommended: in case of flu, common cold, inflammation of lung, bronchus, and mucous membrane, asthma, dyspnoea, myalgia, rheumatic diseases, painful menstruation or menstrual complaints. Forbidden to use: where there is an injury, a pigmented mole, a blister, a skin ulcer, a tumour, or an oedema on the skin; In case of dry, chapped, wet eczematous skin. In the status of epilepsy and other attack, or in a faint or in coma. In case of not proper blood coagulation and haemophilia. After a long lasting disease in exhausted condition or in case of anaemia. For pregnant women on the chest or on the abdomen. On the head, face, above the heart and close to the heart, above the arteries and on a thrombosis leg. In case of diabetes, serious heart disease, and being under the influence of alcohol adnd drugs.