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What is Ayurveda ?
Ayurveda is a philosophy of health care believed to have originated circa 4500 BC and documented in 2500 BC
Treatise like Charaka Samhita are recognized as authentic sources on the science of healthy life in harmony with social, ethical, intellectual and spiritual components of life.
In Sanskrit, AYU means life and VEDA knowledge. The oriental wisdom of Ayurveda has a holistic approach to restore and maintain metabolic
equilibrium using herbs, minerals and the power of Nature - Sun, Light, Air and Water.

It deals with the Human system, not in isolation, but integrates it with the forces of the Universe.

Integration with life style the Ayurvedic system is not restricted to certain climates or environment,
but can be integrated into anyone\\\'s lifestyle. Ayurveda generally adopts an approach of prevention and restoration. Formulations contain synergistic mix of natural ingredients having a predominately herbal base including trace minerals with high bioavailability. Diet, Yoga, Meditation and Personal Hygiene are related preventive measures. The objective is to maintain a dynamic balance of the three Tridoshas.

What are Tridoshas ?
The Human body conceived by Ayurvedic Scholars to have three characteristics which for each individual are in a proper balance. If one goes out of
balance, it disturbs the healthy life. The Characteristics (Energies) are
named TRIDOSHAS and classified as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Tridoshas regulate the life-cycle, control the entire body functions and their interplay, Harmony or disharmony of the three affects the well-being of a living being. Tridoshas are influenced by external factors, by sensory
influences and by food stuffs. Ayurvedic formulations can restore the physical balance of these three forces. Vata : Regulator of the Psychic & Nervous System. Pitta : Regulator of the Metabolic & Digestive function. Kapha : The static energy of the system for imparting stability.

The Five Elements
The human body is a part of Nature; conceptually there are five elements or forces of Nature, which are the building blocks of Nature : EARTH (Prithvi)
* WATER (Jala) * FIRE (Teja) * AIR (Vayu) * ETHER (Akash)