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General description

Our firm has been importing and distributing acupuncture needles for more than 10 years, year by year in bigger quantity and in wider choice. For our customers' better and more undisturbed service in quality, and last but not least fulfilling the challenge of modern times, we have established the singular acupuncture online service on the Internet in Hungary.


The main characteristics of the Acupuncture online - available on the

  • Product catalogue: the catalogue, illustrated with photos, descriptions and technical parameters, gives help to the medical treatment, the recovery and the selection of instruments to be needed.
  • Online trade: Our customers may place their orders through the Internet, they can shop online.
  • Price list: you can see our ever valid price list.
  • Forum: There is a possibility for the publication of professional opinions, for starting debates, and for the representation of questions and answers in public.
  • Doctor - alternative therapist database: For the sake of completeness an idea has come up to complete our service with the register (of address and field of activity) of the acupuncture doctors and of alternative therapists.


About the doctor - alternative therapist database

A few view points to explain why it is advantageous for you:

  • Besides the cheap annual cost, your data will be put on the net and millions of people (surfing there) can become aquaintened with your name and activity.
  • On the contrary of the advertisements in other medium, you can advertise yourself with wider publicity and cheaper cost.
  • Our database is available for everyone. Visitors can search freely among doctors and alternative therapists.
  • Searching is easy and simple: you can search on the strenght of a name, place, field of interest, keyword or a lot of other points.
  • You have the possibility to publish your short introduction.
  • To the members of our doctor - alternative therapist database, we give 5% discount from our prices in addition to the current discounts



Costs of getting into our database:

for a private person

for a firm or institute

25 EUR/year

50 EUR/year



  • After filling in the registration sheet, we send you a cheque, on which you have to pay the amount, regarding you, by mail.
  • Registration in the database happens after the receipt of the paid amount and from that time the year of service is being counted.
  • We send you a confirmation or a bill about the registration, and with the help of this you can buy things on a reduced price.